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7 Interesting Benefits of Being Single

Single is a relationship status that most of you want to get away from. There are people who even feel it as a flaw in life. The fact is that being single opens a lot of opportunities and comes with many advantages. Here are the 7 major benefits of being single and why you can be happy despite being single.

Being Health Conscious

People who are in the relationship get very cozy with everything around them. It also spans diet and exercises. You may have more dine-outs and food orders than when you are single. You may also have very frequent late-night snacking. You may also choose to skip the workouts frequently. Being single makes it very easy for you to stick to your routine which includes exercise and diet. Staying in shape is always something great about being single.

Happening Social Life

If you are in a committed relationship, you will have plans for almost every day and weekend. It is very common to find the people in relationships slowly drifting away from their friends. There are partners who are very possessive which can hinder the other person from making new friends.

Besides, people in committed relationships usually look for their partner’s approval for any new friendship, which in most cases will not work out. A person who is single can meet many people and can have better plans for weekends and vacations. They easily get along with people and make new friendships. Also, singles plan for more trips than couples.

Less Alcohol

The girl’s parties or guy’s parties do have a lot of drinks and you just enjoy it to the core. However, the researches show that married couple and especially women consume more alcohol than singles. Being single helps in reducing alcohol consumption.

Better Sex Life

Sex life may not be always good among people who are in a committed relationship. Married couples and the ones in a committed relationship may not give a lot of significance to sexual life. Singles put maximum effort and try their best in making sexual life better. Singles find sexual partners and enjoy sexual life better than committed people.

Better Focus on Career

When you are single, you have all your time to completely dedicate to work for your career. People who are in a relationship get distracted by so many things that they may not be able to focus well on their careers. Singles usually put their best efforts and enjoy better success than committed ones. Singles can put effort into extra time and can easily commit to overtime. Singles are most likely to spend a lot of time on their work and employers find them highly productive than the ones in relationships.

Better Sleep

People in relationships may find it really hard to have peaceful sleep. Having a partner and sharing a bed may seem very delightful but it comes with its disadvantages. If your partner has snoring issues or has a different sleeping habit, it may have an impact on your sleep.

The different needs of temperature for AC, sheet stealing or sleepwalking are other factors that can disturb your sleep. If you are single, the whole room is yours and you can sleep on the whole bed without worrying about sharing, sheet stealing, or noisy snores.

Less Worries About Money

If you are in a relationship, you have to spend money on dinner nights, gifts for valentine’s day, and also surprise gifts to your partner. When you are single, you need not have to spend money on these things but you can use your income for your needs.

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Does Working Out Together, Makes a Couple Stay Together?

Health clubs, gyms, and health practices have become the highlight of this era. People have realized the need to stay healthy and fit. There is a widespread understanding that the hectic lifestyle and the fast-food culture are taking a toll on health. A healthy routine can be followed easily if you have a partner or a group.

There are many couples who work out together so that they can sustain their workout regime. The couples who choose to exercise together have better chances to stay together for the long term.

Stay Happy Together

When couples engage in physical activity, they feel it more satisfying. The couples, who are workout partners, feel very happy with each other and feel more in love with each other. The couples who work out together feel physiological arousal and get more attracted towards each other. Setting fitness goals and working out together it makes life very exciting with each other. It gives some extra quality time with your partner. You can engage in any kind of workouts like gym, ballroom dancing, and runs to stay fit.

Efficient Workouts

Social psychology suggests that when you work out as a couple, it makes your workouts much more efficient than doing it alone. You can boost your energy when you work out with your partner. Moreover, a couple can motivate each other by pushing each other to complete the workout.

Creates a Strong Bond

Exercises help in creating a very stronger bond in your relationship. It takes you to another level of relationship. When a couple get engaged in anything together, it is a way to have some quality time. They also develop a more engaging relationship. Companionship is an important aspect of any relationship and it is something that is hard to attain. Working out together can make it easy for the couple to develop companionship. Couples who work out together also experience better sexual relationships.

Achieve Fitness Goals

When a couple cares about each other’s fitness goals, nothing can stop them from achieving that. Motivating each other and boosting the energy of their partner to achieve the extra miles make a huge difference. Sticking to a common diet and have a common routine for activities can make things work out much effectively for them. There are so many success stories of couples turning fit and it also makes them more attractive towards each other.

Feels Comfortable to Meet After Workout

A couple who work out together feels very comfortable hang out after the workout session. If only one partner workouts, they usually turn very conscious about meeting the latter after an exercise regimen.

Supportive in the Workout Routine

Couple working out together respects the time that is spent on fitness. It is really a very great advantage of pulling your partner into this routine. Your partner will appreciate the effort and the time spent on maintaining physical fitness. Being a couple that accepts the importance of fitness and readily accepts and also takes part in the fitness regime makes a lot of difference.

Less Fights

Your anger and frustrations can be best dealt with when you are at the gym and working out with complete energy. It is the right time for you to utilize the energy effectively. This eases out the stress and frustration for the couple so that they stay peaceful and very happy with each other.

A Companion to Tryout Things

Your partner can be the best companion you can get to try anything new with the diet or a workout plan. It is great to support for one another to be on track till the goals are achieved.

Working out together gives a great sense of being together. The new bonding as workout buddies can have a very positive impact on any relationship. You would love to stay with your partner to try new things together.

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Happn – Now Finding Singles In Your City Is A Tap Away

Do you believe in meeting your soulmate just by chance or sheer luck? What if serendipity in online dating helps you find your long-time crush? This idea might give you jitters but the Happn app gives you the chance to discover people you’ve crossed paths & get the chance to know them more. Founded in 2014, by Didier Rappaport, Happn puts dating & spontaneity into work.

With bringing real-time geolocation in online dating, Happn connects you with people you must have crossed paths with proximity between 1 to 250 meters. Happn keeps track of the number of times you have crossed paths with someone every 24 hours. It is a free app & can be downloaded by Android, iOS users.

What Makes Happn Distinct From Other Apps?

Unlike other apps, Happn shows you matches based on your vicinity & preferences. You cannot search for a user. Happn shows you the matches based on the criteria set by the user. Unless the other user sends a “like” you cannot message them.

Let’s Dig In To Know More About Happn

Easy to set-up a profile via Facebook

You can sign up for Happn with Facebook or your mobile number. By providing the basic information including your work, education & description about yourself, you will be able to sign up. You need to identify whether you want to cross paths with men, women, or both.

Let your crush know what you’re up to

To make the app more fun, Happn app has a feature called “I’m free to”, you can show up what you’re currently up for the next six hours. Let the other members know that you are open to watching a movie, getting some drink, dining out, or simply taking a walk.

In-app games to lift your mood

To keep the users intrigued, Happn has an in-app game called “Crush Time”. It shows four users that you have recently crossed paths with. You will have to choose which user among the four likes you. A correct guess can get you to send a message for free & a wrong guess will lead to a like being sent to your guessed user.

Share your favorite songs with your crushes

You can synchronize Happn to your Spotify account. You can use Spotify to share songs & playlists with crushes. This can spark a conversation & you can get to know each other better through music.

Drop-in voice messages or a hello

Happn allows its users to send a voice message through the app. You can send a voice message to your crush. Another feature of Happn is ‘Hello”. Now you can let other members know that you want to talk by sending a hello. Once you sign-up, ten free Hellos are credited to your account.

Is Happn App Safe For Dating?

Some may view Happn as a stalker app since it is a location-based app. Happn guides you to people in the vicinity of 250 meters but never reveals your exact location, nor does it track any movements of its members. With a premium subscription, you get to enjoy some perks over free users. However, Happn advises its users to be vigilant & guarded while arranging a date.

The League, The League Dating App

The League- A Dating App For Educated And Cultured Groups

Are you looking for a dating app that never frustrates you with low-quality matches and fake profiles? Then, The League can be the right choice for you. As one of the career-minded, ambitious, and intelligent individuals, you may have no time to look through lots of profiles of bad dates. The League presents you with a few options, as it hides profiles that do not meet your set standards. Thus, although you get a very limited number of daily matches, you will get the utmost value from them. Downloading the app is not a waste of time.

Is The League The Right Choice For You?

When intelligence, educational background, and ambition are of high priority to you, The League can be the best option. Lots of users of this app are from the tech and finance industry. Thus, you need to know your mindset and start using the app.

The League- How Does Its Algorithm Work?

The app has not fully disclosed everything about its algorithm. Still, by knowing something about it, you can make a difference in your rating. Members using the app daily get a 10% higher and better match rate. The dating app’s algorithms penalize Flaky members who do not send a message and respond to others at any time. The League may also kick you out while you do not reply to the first messages. However, you can restore your position by choosing a Member subscription package.

How To Use The League?

You have to choose both LinkedIn and Facebook accounts for logging in to the dating app. However, there is no chance of encountering your colleague in the match list. This app can avoid those who presently work in your company.

The app automatically chooses your Facebook photos, and you may re-arrange them based on your preference. The League displays your primary profile photo in black and white. Now, for the bio section, you will get a space for writing 140 characters. With colorful emojis, you may make your bio more attractive. You can find your partner based on different criteria, including height, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, education, and distance away.

Your matches remain valid for conversations for 14 days, and then, they disappear from the list. You may manually remove a match, and it can affect your League Score (Semi Flaky, No Flaky, and Flaky). Moreover, you can use League Tickets to increase the number of matches.

League Live

Singles can find this feature useful, as they can take part in video dates for two minutes and on two days every week. You will enjoy a short conversation with three of your matches. Both free and paid users can use the app.

Does The League Dating App Maintain Your Privacy?

The League has a detailed review process, and that is why it may take time to permit you to join the app. Some users think that the app may spread their dating details to Facebook friends. However, the app does not share your information with others.

Facebook, Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating Is Officially Launched. Here’s How It Works

Hailed as the most powerful social media giant, Facebook began rolling an inbuilt dating app last year in September 2019. The extension of Facebook into the most talked Online dating aims to create perfect matches with its huge data collection. There is a separate profile & chatbox for Facebook Dating, to ensure your privacy. Currently, this feature is available in 19 countries including the U.S.

Since most of the people are available on Facebook, will the enormous user data help Facebook in getting you a perfect match? Let’s take a closer look

How Does It Work?

Facebook Dating is not a standalone app, it’s an extended feature within the Facebook app itself. As of now, this feature is available only on smartphones. It supports both Android & iOS platforms. You can find the “heart icon” for Facebook Dating under your profile tab. This feature encourages people who are looking for a potential life partner, not the fleeting ones.

Once you create a profile, just fill in the necessary details, yes Facebook won’t sync the information from your current account. You will be having two separate profiles & inboxes. Your dating profile can only be viewed by your friends who have a Facebook dating profile. Your information won’t be showed up on the newsfeed. You can upload photos from your Facebook & Instagram accounts. Just answer a few simple questions based on your interests & there you go.

What Makes It A Novel Dating App?

Facebook Dating brings in a breath of fresh air with exclusive features, unlike the other dating apps. You can find the best possible match within 100 miles of your city. Look out for the quirky features below.

No Mindless Swapping Like Other Apps

Following the ideology of meaningful relationships, Facebook dating doesn’t encourage swiping like other apps. If you don’t like a profile just tap on “not interested”. If you like a person just ask a question or pick a photo from the user’s profile & initiate a conversation. You can only view the person’s profile again until they respond to your question.

Ponder Over The Suggested Matches Again

Sometimes you may miss out on what you’ve been looking for in a rush. Likewise, it offers a feature “Second Look” where you can view the suggested matched once again to see if you’ve missed something.

Create The List Of People You Don’t Wish To See

With the “Pre-emptive block list” feature you can easily block the users you wish to avoid. It may be an ex, acquaintance, or someone you have unfriended on Facebook but not blocked. This ensures you won’t be able to see unwelcomed people in match suggestions.

Take A Break From Social Media Anytime

Ever felt the need to stay away from social media & detoxify yourself? With the “Pause on” feature, you can take a break from dating & be back at your ease. You can still message the people you have been matched while on a break.

Facebook Dating is a place where you can get to know each other, the credibility of Facebook ensures users the profiles for real unlike fake profiles in other dating apps.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel – Start Your Dating Journey From This App

You may have already browsed through a long list of swipe-based dating apps. What’s your feeling from using those apps? It may be time-wasting, overwhelming, and confusing. However, Coffee Meets Bagel has entered the market with the aim of solving these issues of singles who are looking for a dating partner. Released in 2012, this app has valued the quality of online interactions to please the users.

Know About The Algorithmic System Of The App, CMB

Coffee Meets Bagel presents you with a unique algorithmic mechanism. Every day, you can find a few matches, suggested by the app. Women can find those who have liked their profiles. However, while the suggestions are not right for you, there is an option for browsing through different profiles.

You can use Coffee Meets Bagel at free of cost. However, you may invest in the premium version to get more features. Moreover, CMB has in-app currency, known as beans, and you have to buy the paid version to obtain beans.

How To Use Coffee Meets Bagel App

When you have opened the app, you can start searching for your matches and like others’ profiles. You or your match can open the conversation. However, in a free version, you get a week to chat with a person. You need to be a premium member to open the closed chat.

In Coffee Meets Bagel, there are connections of different levels, ranging from first to third degree. First-degree connections include your Facebook friends, while the second-degree refers to those who are mutual friends of your matches. Then, third-degree CMB connections have a link with second-degree connections.

We have said that Beans are CMB currencies, and you can buy them from the Bean Shop. However, you may also have then by doing some fun tasks.

Coffee Meets Bagel interface presents you with sections. In the Suggested sections, you can find 21 bagels per day. You can click on Priority Like or Like for those bagels. In the Discover section, you may follow your search criteria.

What Makes Coffee Meets Bagel Interesting?

Coffee Meets Bagel dating app is available to you with innovative features. Men can find the Ladies Choice feature that helps them to search for women who are potential matches. Give and Take- these two different features work as the best matchmaker.

With the Give feature, you will have 300 Beans daily. On the other hand, the Take feature enables you to adjust your preferences. Photo Lab is another interesting part, which gives you an option for testing two photos, and members can vote one of them.

How Do Women Feel With Coffee Meets Bagel?

According to CMB, you will like five persons per day. Thus, CMB attracts the most discerning users. However, the number of women in CMB is more than that of the men. Besides, there is a limit on the duration of your chat.

Is CMB Safe For You?

CMB is one of the female-friendly apps, and lots of women have claimed it to be the best dating app. Interestingly, there are educated women, signing up for CMB. You can find a minimal risk of receiving sketchy messages.

Wingman, Wingman Dating App

Wingman Dating App- Let Your Friend Find A Match For You

Online dating is now a comfortable choice for men and women, looking for a dating partner. Regular interactions through a dating platform can be full of fun. While searching for dating apps, you may have encountered the name, Wingman.

However, instead of referring to it as a dating app, we can choose it as a matchmaker. Although the interface of Wingman is similar to that of other dating apps, you can find a difference in it. You can find several profiles, and with swiping gestures, you may send your approval. Wingman has eliminated the fear and pressure of rejection. You must ensure that you have trustworthy friends to help with your matchmaking process.

What Makes Wingman More Interactive?

The perfectly designed interface of Wingman comes with interesting features. The concept of gamification has added fun to Wingman’s users. For every successful match, your friends will gain a chance to earn a point on their leaderboards. This activity has created a competitive atmosphere. Moreover, while matching for any friend, you may find someone, preferable to you. Then, you can choose the nudge feature to let you hook up with that person.

How Does Wingman Work?

Wingman app creator thinks that your friends know everything about you. Based on this thought, the developer has introduced a new thing to the app. The wingman gets the option of writing a profile description for single friends. Now, to use the app, you have to create your account for security. It also makes sure that your family and friends will recognize you easily while sending an invite. You can find two modes of the app.

Wingman mode is about the background activity. The major purpose is to swipe others’ profiles to find the right match for a friend. The wingman also analyzes singles’ profiles on the platform. Another mode is- Looking For Me, and it enables singles in browsing through the feed.

How To Use Wingman?

You can use Wingman for two purposes. You may find a match for your friend and yourself. When you are using Wingman for a friend, you have to write her name and her bio. Your friend has to approve it. After finding a profile as a potential match for your friend, you can click on a heart icon. Then, this match will send a response and reveal his feelings for your friend. While you have no friends, you can write a bio on your own. To do it, you need to click on the option- I Have No Wingman.

Is Wingman The Right App For You?

The way of using the app is a bit confusing to users. First, your friend needs to create your profile. However, you may not have a dedicated and trustworthy friend. Although you have a friend, she does not have time to spend for you. Still, you can find values from the app. As your friend is writing positive words about you, it will impress your match. Download the app and get fun from it.